Dominion Granite & Marble offers installation, restorations and repair. Our variety of options on quality natural stones combined with our word-class personalized countertop solutions will give your space a signature and aesthetical look. Contact us now to get.

We Ensure your Granite Countertops will Look Flawless.

In order for your granite countertops to be impeccable, professional fabrication and installation is crucial for your space to come to life as you envisioned it, especially if you’ve chosen to go with granite countertops.

When working with natural stones, Dominion Granite & Marble counts with great technical ability in designing, cutting and installing countertops, guaranteeing top quality in every job we perform, providing you with the proper assessment of your project from start to finish, to give you the peace of mind your countertops will be flawlessly installed by the hand of our specialists.

Dominion Granite & Marble strives to join you in every step of the process and because of this, every part of the service we offer, from selection to development is supervised personally by us so that you always get the satisfaction you deserve.

We Help you with Your Selection.

It might not be a surprise that granite is one of the most common materials used for countertops of all types thanks to its durability. Whenever you ́re picking a type of granite you want to use for your granite countertops, there’s a lot of styles and prices to choose from. Because our countertops will have a major impact on your remodeling results, Dominion Granite & Marble wants to assess you on your decision.

However, choosing your material online is not the same as doing it in person. At Dominion Granite & Marble showroom, you’ll be able to select from our wide range of materials. When you choose your granite in person, you are able to experience the material with all your senses and get personal assistance by our renowned customer attention staff.

The price range on granite varies according to the percentage of stone it contains. Consider the area you’ll be using it for, based on its needs, for example, a sturdier granite for cutting surfaces. It’s a good idea to mix and match styles as well.