Resilient Soapstone Countertops. Dominion Granite & Marble

Soapstone is a high performance stone just like granite yet it is not an engineered stone. This natural beauty is a number one choice for your countertops!

Obtain Durability and Elegance with Soapstone Countertops.

Dominion Granite & Marble introduces you to the best countertop materials. One of our recommended materials for a stone countertop is soapstone. This stone is a combination of two great qualities from a natural stone: efficiency and great looks. Learn more about the great characteristics of soapstone countertops that, combined with our premium stone services will make a great investment.

A Modern Look for your Countertops.

Soapstone differs from other engineered stones as it is all natural and has a soft texture. What you will love about soapstone countertops is that they will deliver a natural, rustic and luxurious feel to your room while still being a highly resilient material, making it an ideal choice for your countertops. Because it’s a natural stone, no slabs are ever the same. There is no doubt your soapstone countertops will be a unique asset for your space!

Soapstone is often used in luxurious projects because it darkens with time. Oiling soapstone will give it that dark rustic feel in even appearance. Soapstone countertops for your kitchen or bathroom provide the perfect modern and sleek look while preserving a natural and calming feel on your space.

Durability for your Countertops.

Dominion Granite & Marble does not stop offering our high class services once your marble countertops are installed. We firmly believe that this is a lifetime purchase and should be treated as such. We perform restorations and repairs that match the efficiency of our installation process to keep your marble countertops looking just as they did when newly installed.

When choosing materials for your countertops, it is crucial to ensure your selected stone will adapt to your specific needs while complementing your design. Your soapstone countertops can adapt to the various scenarios that can happen in the high traffic areas of your home as it counts with several characteristics that make it a resilient material. 

Soapstone is a non-porous stone meaning that it requires no sealing. It is sanitary as it maintains an optimum performance against mold and bacteria. This also means that soapstone is stain resistant as it won’t absorb any fluids and its heat resistant as well. Your soapstone countertops are guaranteed to be highly durable throughout their life span and won’t require a lot of maintenance, helping you reduce maintenance costs!