As every natural material, marble stone is a great element for interior design. Many people long for the natural yet stylized feel of marble and Dominion Granite & Marble, as leading marble fabricators and retailers has the best marble options for your remodeling project. With our high quality marble stones you can have the best countertop solutions on your project. Need help choosing a material for your countertops? Leave us a quote to obtain our free assessment!

Refined Marble Options that Fit your Style.

Marble is a gorgeous and elegant stone that can provide a unique aesthetic on your bathroom or kitchen countertops, however, you’ll probably want to find a type of marble that suits your design in order to have a harmonious space. There are many types of marble that can easily complement your space very well and you can learn more about them at Dominion Granite & Marble. Browse our stone gallery or visit our showroom!

Inside the different types of marble you’ll find statuary marble, that has the classic marble look with a pure white color and small discontinuous gray veins that animates it’s design, calacatta marble which is brilliant and  ideal for wide areas or bathrooms or gold calacatta with deep gray veining and taupe and gold highlights, carrara marble, similar to calacatta yet has finer and more prevalent veining and mystery white that has an exquisite and clear feel with it’s signature white color with occasional thin light gray or cream coloured veins.

We want to make sure that you get the best results on your remodeling projects and with the help of our marble stones. Take a look at our stones yourself browsing our stone gallery or visit our showroom to get a personalized assistance in your selection process from the professionals!