The natural stone industry is constantly changing with the development of new technologies. In an effort to offer our clients the latest in measuring technology, Dominion Granite and Marble has implemented the use of a digital laser templating system. This system is accurate within 1/100 of an inch over a 600 foot length and allows for a real-time visual representation of the project through computer aided design.  AutoCAD files are sent to a plotting machine which prints transparent Mylar templates of the project to scale. An additional option for clients that are looking for an interactive design process is selecting project placement. Once project slabs are delivered clients can come to our manufacturing facility and place the template of their project pieces directly on the stone slabs with the transparent Mylar. With the assistance of one of our stone experts, clients will decide exactly where on the slab all project pieces will ultimately be cut from. This allows particular patterns or veins in the stone to be highlighted to your desire.  Placement is just another service which allows us to give higher level of custom service to our clients.

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