Some granite companies choose to buy stone in bulk and stock a limited quantity at their facilities to be used for making countertops and other stone projects. Typically this selection is limited to between 50 and 100 different types of materials. Dominion Granite and Marble recognizes that purchasing natural stone is a unique investment that will last a lifetime. We will never limit our client selections to stones that have higher profit margins, that are reusable from project to project, nor will a selection be made because we happen to have a particular stone in inventory.  Instead, we partner with dozens of importers that hold thousands of granite, marble, stone, and quartz slabs in inventory.  By working with Dominion, you are allowed to personally visit these importers to view stones. When a material catches your eye, a reservation can be made for the exact slabs that are viewed with no obligation. The importer will send us a reservation sheet documenting the selection. When a project is ready, the exact stone slabs that were selected will be transported to our facility in Ashburn, Virginia. In addition to individual slab selection, we also offer a service which a client can select the exact placement of every single piece of the project on each selected slab with the assistance of our staff. This higher level of custom services allows our clients the opportunity to design a project that is as unique as they are.

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