Similar to any other craft, stone fabrication can be achieved in a multitude of ways. Many large stone fabricators choose to completely automate the process. This vastly increases production quantities, but eliminates the quality hand craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been developed over thousands of years. There is a time and a place for automated machines and mass production, but we at Dominion Granite and Marble feel that your home is not one of them. We cut every piece of stone to exact dimensions, then hand-cut and polish all edges to perfection. Our edging process is one of the most time-consuming and in-depth, in the industry. We start by shaping the edge to the consumers’ desire. We then proceed to polish and buff each piece with a 14-stage process, which yields a mirror-like finish. The shine is such that no sealers or artificial chemicals are necessary. All of our seams undergo an additional 5 step back grinding process which reduces the thickness of a seam by about fifty percent from standard methods in an effort to make them virtually undetectable. Upon completion of fabrication all of our stone is then treated with an oliophobic sealer, which ensures that no yearly maintenance is required. Additional unique processes include the use of fiberglass rods embedded in the underside of the slab sections where sinks are located for increased rigidity, inserting steel bolts into the base of sink cutouts to physically clamp the sink to the base of the stone, using a pneumatic seam setter which secures seams as close as the stone will allow, and many other processes which have given Dominion Granite and Marble one of the best names in stone in the United States. A stone countertop or vanity is a lifetime purchase and should be treated as such. At Dominion Granite and Marble, we have always believed in this principle. Our work continues to illustrate this standard. Please feel free to call us today to speak to one of our stone experts.

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